As you prepare for the coming year, you may be excited about trying out new lesson plans, re-connecting with students, and anticipating the upcoming productions. Perhaps you’re greeting the school year with a mixture of joy and dread – no more sleeping in! Maybe you are a little hesitant to hand over your life again to the never-ending schedule required of most Theatre Directors. For a moment, reflect on not only how much you give to this job and its beneficiaries, but also how much you receive.

You are perfect for this job if you are still in it. Your personality, your humor, your intellect, your obsession with high quality productions, your unique, expressive gestures and original phrases that are imitated by your students when you are just out of earshot. As much as you give, you receive. This job is filled with opportunities to develop your leadership skills, your problem-solving skills, your creativity, your organizational and collaborative abilities, your humanity. You have the opportunity to create a safe and inspiring culture in the classroom and in production work. You already know that teachers change lives; cherish the fact that you are also changed. You are not only your students’ mentor and role model, but you are your own growth hero. Growth requires daring – you’ve got plenty of that. Recognize the opportunity to contribute to a community that needs you. If you’re honest, you’ll admit that you need to be needed. If you weren’t somewhat of a work-a-holic do-gooder, you wouldn’t be in education.

It’s time to crank up your best positive self.

Give it all you’ve got until it’s time for curtain call.