Here are the appendix files reference in “Real-World Theatre Education”
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A. The Ideal Job Worksheet
B. Checklist for Newbies
C. Tech Help Request Form
D. TechBoothRules
E. Cultural Catch Phrases
F. TA1 Identity Assignment
G. Organizing Label for Mailboxes
H. Program Overview
I. Sample Syllabi 2
I. Sample Syllabus 1
J. Suggested Materials
K. Publishers of Musicals and Plays
L. Auditioning using the ADDIE system
M. Audition Card
N. Production Contract
O. Production Packet
P. Crew Chief Explanations and Expectations
Q. Exercise in Leadership
R. Crew Chief Signup Instructions and List
S. Crew Chief Task Calendar
T. Online Resources
U. Field Trip Prep Checklist
V. Field Trip Letter to Parents
W. Response to Patron Complaint about Show Content
X. Use of Weapons on Stage
Y. Recommendation Request Form
Z. Playwriting Lesson Plan Templates