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Achieving Balance 
• Chip Rome 
The Role of the Educator • Zoe ̈ Dillard 

Part I : Autumn                                                                         1

.    1  Preparing for Employment
So Many Choices
Elementary, My Dear Director
Monkey In the Middle
Handling High School
The Theatre Educator’s Job Description
Changes from Student Teacher to Teacher/Director
PayYourself First

.    2  Preparing for the First Day of School  
Driving into Your First Year
The Culture of Your Learning Community
Getting To Know You
Finding Your Personal Theatre Philosophy
That Other Teaching You Do
Diversity in the Classroom and on Stage
Building Use and You

   3 Preparing for the Classroom
Your Class Schedule
Mixing Theatre Classes
Acting Mixed with Technical Theatre
Teaching at Multiple Locations
Technical Theatre
Lesson Plans
Methods of Teaching Theatre
Exceptional Students in the Theatre Classroom
ESOL: A Distinct Opportunity
Doing Your Best: An ESOL Educational Journey
Classroom Management
Disruptive Students
Drawing the Line on Touching
Communicating with Parents and Kids
Communicating with Colleagues
Communicating with the Community

.    4  Preparing for Production
Theatre Booster Support: the Good, the Great and the Ugly
Annual Booster Warning
Your Department ProductionSchedule
Selecting a Show
Acquiring a Show
Pre-Audition Workshop: Communicate the Process
Developing Leadership
Cleanup of Support Space
Establishing a Production Team/CrewChiefs
Tips on Directing
The Hygiene Talk
Teaching Kissing
Injuries and Illness
Judging a Play’s Success

.    5  Enrichment Activities
School Events
Field trips.
Field Trip Travel Tips

Part II : Winter

.    6  Paying Attention to Professionalism 
College Recommendations
College Advice to Parents – a short play
Choices for College Theatre Education
Politics and You
Recertification Check
Staff Development
Substitute Teachers
Fixing Mistakes

.    7  Selling the Program, Smaller Productions
Enrollment…It’s Your Job!
Maintaining Momentum
Children’s Theatre
An Evening of One-Act Plays and Scenes
Fund Raising

Part III : Spring

.    8  The Show Must Go On

Surviving Entitlement
Preparing for Next Year
Awards & Recognition

.    9  When the World is Bigger Than Theatre

National crisis
Suicide watch
Westfield Wounded

Part IV : Summer

.    10  Summer Stuff to Do

Summer Drama Camps for Fun and Profit
Summer Enrichment Programs for Your Students
Travel With Students

.    11  Older and Wiser

Recharging Your Batteries
The Voice of Experience
Final Thoughts
Kudos from a Student


A.  Ideal Job Worksheet
B.  Checklist for Newbies
C.  Tech Help Request Form
D.  Tech Booth Rules
E.  Cultural Catch-Phrases
F.  Theatre I Identity Assignment: Who Am I?
G.  Organizing Labels for Mailboxes
H.  Sample Syllabus 

I.   Sample Syllabus 2
J.  Suggested Materials
K.  Publishers of Musicals & Plays
L.   Auditioning Using the ADDIE System
M.  Audition Card
N.  Production Contract
O.  Production Packet
P.   Crew Chief Explanations and Expectations
Q.  Exercise in Leadership
R.  Crew Chief Sign-Up Instructions and List
S.  Crew Chief Task Calendar 

T.   Online Resources
U.  Field Trip Prep Checklist
V.   Field Trip Letter to Parents
W.  Response to Patron Complaint About Show Content
X.  Program Insert re: Use of Weapons On Stage
Y.  Recommendation Request Form
Z.  Playwriting Lesson Plan Templates